Songwriting FAQs

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My Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find inspiration?

Most of the time I find inspiration in my every day life! I love to write songs about my friends and family and their experiences as well. I also take inspiration from my faith and relationship with God. I have written many songs inspired by movies and books. I have a songs about Narnia, The City of Ember, and many others!

What do you write first – the melody or lyrics?

Typically I come up with the chord progression first and add the melody and lyrics as I go! It’s different for every songwriter. It’s definitely easier for me to come up with lyrics after I have some music first.

How long does it take to write a song?

It’s different for me every time! Sometimes I can write a song in 20 minutes, sometimes it takes a week or two. It depends on what I’m writing about and my mood and inspiration! I’ve even written things down in my notebook and forgotten about them, only to come back months or a year later and use it in a song.

What’s your favorite part about songwriting?

It’s a great outlet for me to share my thoughts and feelings. I’m very introverted and sometimes struggle with expressing emotions through talking. Writing a song and singing it in front of a crowd is less scary to me than speaking about how I feel. Songwriting can even be a form of prayer for me. It’s also fun and it feels like a huge accomplishment every time I finish a song.

Do you have to play an instrument to write a song?

No! You can write music just by singing or even putting it into a notation program like finale. But it does make things easier. I started writing music without knowing how to play an instrument and realized things would be easier if I learned. I started teaching myself to play by looking at chord books and finding lessons online. Even if you can learn just a few chords it helps so much!

How did you start writing music?

My dad is a big music lover and inspired me to start writing music! I’ve always had an artistic personality and journaled a lot from a young age. My dad encouraged me to take an interest in music and I started writing songs as a result. Thanks to my parents’ encouragement I decided to try my hardest to make it into a career! That’s what led me to Trevecca and moving to Nashville.

How can I write a song?

Just try! Write down your feelings, anything that’s inspiring you in the moment. Sometimes it helps to come up with a title first. For example you might think “wow, the sky is so pretty today, I want to write a song called Beautiful Day.” That’s a great start. Once you have a title you know how to develop your song from there! Oftentimes, the title ends up being the hook (the phrase usually at the end of the chorus) that makes the entire song catchy! Find some chords on your instrument that sound nice to you, sing the lyrics over it, and you’ve got a start! If you’re interested in more songwriting help and advice feel free to reach out to me.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Many times at my shows or events people ask me questions about songwriting and I love answering them. I hope you’re staying well and safe!